Review of 2013 and meeting 2014

Hello readers. Hope you had a great 2013. This is not a tradition to do last year review, but at some point this might be interesting to for me and for some of you. So lets do a quick look at what we have here.


First of all we currently have over 2480 post here in We also have collected over 1650

comments. Most of posts are reviews of embedded project found on internet. Short project reviews was the main goal of our site. We try to post at least one review per day and seems we are still keeping this promise. From the current point of view we see that many websites are doing something similar – they find something cool, make note about this on their blog and give a link to original source. We hope that reviews are not just website filler, but also benefit to some of you as quick categorized project database/look-up. When you run out of project ideas or need to find whats already done then why not to look at it. We also find this information quite useful for us so we are going to keep adding new ones same way.

In order to add more value to website we started new section – tutorials. Currently we are focusing on AVR tutorials and ARM Cortex tutorials. Also we are entering MSP430 area. All examples and code are tested and verified by us. So feel free to try and comment.

And now lets see what ten topics were most interesting at 2013 for our readers:

1. Home page;

2 Programming AVR i2c interface;

3. AVR tutorials;

4. Home page/2;

5. ARM Cortex tutorials;

6. Using direct memory access DMA in STM23 projects;

7. STM32 interrupts and programming with GCC;

8. Using watchdog timer in your projects;

9. Pprogramming STM32 USART using GCC tools part 1;

10.  Home page/3.

Home page is natural entry point to our site. Then viewers mostly browse further to to second and further pages of main blog. I thing this is category of readers who simply scan through content and look for something new.

In the list we see that tutorials are at the center of interest. When wee look the list of popular content couple dozens down we see dominating tutorials rather reviews. This is where our readers spend most of time. This is a great signal for us – we need to focus on more and better tutorials. Obviously writing tutorials require lots of man power. So reviews simply help to keep website fresh and updated. But we promise to write as many good tutorials as possible so you and we could learn more about microcontrollers.

Last couple things about website looks and functionality. Couple weeks ago we finally found time to update theme. The old theme was obsolete and not flexible. We refreshed the look and so the logo. Some minor changes might occur while adjusting colors or other cosmetics. But hope you will like it.

Second thing is forum. We have enabled it to see if there will be need for it. We hope that it will help to share us some ideas, discuss about tutorials and other embedded stuff.

We wish you happy, productive 2014 year!

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