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Repairing pool cleaning robot with Atmega8

One day Davide found that his pool cleaning robot was dead. Damage was caused by chlorine which cut through gasket and shorted circuits. Official repairing wasn’t an option because new electronics would cost more than robot itself. So he thought that in reality cleaning robot doesn’t do much – moves around and sucks water through the filter. He can build his own control circuit based on his microcontroller of choice.

He built a circuit which is actually a count down timer. Robot works in periods that can be selected with five buttons. Settings are stored in to microcontrollers internal EEPROM so once set it always works as programmed. Status LEDs indicate robot working conditions. Green shows that robot is working, while RED indicates over/under current detection. Robot moving motor is BLDC, so he used hobby ESC Mistery FM30A to drive motor with PWM generated from Atmega. That’s it solved and robot continues its work.

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