Reflow soldering oven controller using ATtmega8U2

Soldering is necessary part of electronics prototyping and production. If you are getting serious in to this you probably noticed that not all parts can be soldered with iron or heat gun. Some electronics parts you may want to use are BGA or QFN that require different soldering techniques. What manufacturers do, they are using reflow ovens to solder all SMT parts at once. Oven soldered boards look professional and save time. There is no problem to build reflow oven for home use. All you need is toaster oven with convection and controller which you will most likely have to build by yourself.


Henrik built such controller by using ATmega8U2 microcontroller with USB support. He traced custom board where he put MAX31855 thermocouple to digital converter. Thermocouple is number one choice for sensor where things get really hot. Controller controls oven heater through solid state relay. Controller firmware is based on PID control algorithm that helps to get close to desired temperature curve. It is important to follow temperature profile (temperature vs time) while soldering in order to succeed.

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