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Real-time Upper Body Motion Tracking System on an Altera DE2

This project is from cornell.edu which makes use of skin detection on an Altera D2 development board to track upper body movements. Body movements is captured using a camera in a form of streams – the streams then gets filtered and averaged, after then will be stored on a down-sampled memory block – the down sampled memory block will minimize the space requirement of the original stream (a portion of the stream would be enough to detect motion).


The Altera D2 has a Altera Cyclone® II 2C35 FPGA that uses the down sampled frames to compute for the position of the head, chest and arms. The computed information is then used to construct a 3D robot (ooh yes its a robot!) which is displayed on a VGA screen. The 3D robot is made out of many 3D boxes – head, body and arms. The projection also change depending on the users view of the capturing camera – this is to give the robot a more realistic feel.

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