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Reading ADXL330 accelerometer with and AVR microcontroller

Accelerometers are cheap today, but they are great for many projects where acceleration and motion is present.


This simple project demonstrates the reading of ADXL330 3-axis accelerometer by AVR Atmega48 microcontroller. 3D accelerometer has three analogue outputs that can be read via ADC module. Each accelerometer axis has two dedicated LED indicators – red and blue. Idea is simple – if there is no acceleration, both LED’s are off. If there is acceleration in one direction, then one LED lights on, it other direction – different colour LED lights on. This board also can serve as tilt sensor, because of gravity acceleration effect. Program code for AVR-GCC can be downloaded here.

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  1. Can you please send me the complete schematic of the circuit.

  2. “Can you please send me the complete schematic of the circuit.”

    Click on the “Read” link. Everything you need to know should be there.

  3. please send to me this project file(c&proteuse)

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