Raspberry Pi based car MP3 player

Raspberry Pi can serve as great base for many cool projects. Since it has audio and video output it makes no problem to build a media player. Having this in mind sentcool built pretty cool car audio player. His setup uses cheap LCD display with video input – all you need is to connect it to RasPi using RCA cable. For audio he also used ready made audio amplifier. After initial tests he found out that car produces significant noise to audio signal. So he added noise filter.

He was thinking about touch screen controls, but figured out that it would increase overall cost. Instead he hooked several buttons to GPIO. The rest work was to put it al together in to wooden panel that would fit nicely in to cars front panel. From the first glance it may look that it need more polishing, but it works like a charm. Since this player proved itself pretty well, he’s thinking about second version of player.

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