pyMCU – python controlled MCU

Richard has shared his project where he managed to control microcontroller using python. The idea was to place a special firmware to PIC16F1939 and drive it with simple commands. He has chosen PIC microcontroller due to experience with them. But seeing interest in pyMCU he is thinking on doing same for Arduino.

Using custom developed PIC board with FTDI USB to UART interface it is easy to control 13 digital pins, 6 analog pins, 5 PWM pins and drive 16 pin parallel LCD. Python can be run on any OS like Windows, Linux or OSX. All you need is to write python programs on your PC and use pymcu module to have access to microcontroller board. You are not limited with resources like you would be if python would be implemented inside MCU.

There is ability to override pyMCU firmware and access all PIC hardware where you can take advantage of programming MCU hardware directly.

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