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Push-Up trainer

This project is for people who really like to hit the gym frequently but it can also be made by people who are beginners. This is basically a push-up trainer which trains you to do certain amount of push-ups and provide feedback to improve their body health. It comprises of three modes, each having different number of sets and push-ups required for each-set. Moreover, there is also a record-beating mode which allows you to compete with your previous record for number of push-ups made.

The microcontroller used for this project is Atmel Atmega 1284p, which is interfaced to a touch screen system and the sensor system along. An analog distance meter is used to measure whether the back of body is low enough when doing push-up. The sensor will use infrared ray and take the reflection time of object to provide distance information. The Touch Screen LCD used in this project is ILI 9325 which is easily available from online stores along with the required library to send the required data. However, this current LCD doesn’t provide accurate user feedback and hence can be replaced to improve the performance of the system.

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