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Programming Arduino more efficiently

Arduino boards are great – they use standardized layout and are compatible with lots of custom shields. Arduinos also come with pretty good programming IDE and bootloader. All these features make them attractive for most of hobbyists…until your needs grow up. If you program Arduino by using standard Arduino libraries you notice how easy it is to implement most of tasks. This is because simplicity is a trade off efficiency. If you want your programs to run more faster or want to squeeze bigger programs to fit in to MCU you will have a dilemma – use bigger/faster Arduino, write you own programs and libraries in C or C++ or use different library that is more efficient.

Guys from makehackvoid.com have decided to write their own c++ library for Arduino boards. They focused more on efficiency of programs than easy of use. Anyway this is a great kick for developers that still want use c++ libraries and use near Arduino coding style. You can view differences between Arduino core library and MHVlib in these slides. MVHlib already has lots of features ready to use and there is also left much to do. Library is constantly updated with new features, so this might be a great choice for your new design.

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