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Programmer for LED Lights

LEDs have an effectiveness higher than that of just about all the customary lights and hence are used almost everywhere. The system in the article is basically a driver that can control two groups of white LED’s. The LED’s are operated in PWM mode using a suitable timing to obtain the required colour. Moreover, the entire system can be operated wireless at a frequency of 433MHz using amplitude modulation. On the receiver die, it’s a powered by a PIC16F876A which act as a decoder for the received amplitude modulated signal.


The decoded signal is then processed by the controller to generate the required PWM signal for the two independent group of LED’s.  The group of LED’s are driven by using a common source transistor and therefore the design is only compatible with common-anode LED strips. Another interesting thing about the procedure is the self-learning method it uses to learn the required codes to change the level of brightness for both the warm and cold type of LED”s used in the project. The entire schematics along with the code and the working are available on the website.

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