POV globe or death star – your choice

Persistence Of Vision (POV) is a fun way of displaying things with minimal amount of light sources. All you need is to rotate and synchronize lights according to rotation angle. Jason has build a Globe POV using Atmega328 microcontroller with Arduino bootloader. He aligned 24 blue SMT LEDs on a custom shaped PCB and attached to stand.

All 24 LEDs are driven using three 74HC595D shift registers. Probably in all POV display projects the problem is power transfer through spinning part. Some just add batteries directly on PCB to avoid headaches but this adds problem with balancing as batteries have significant weight. So this isn’t an option. Jason found a way out by using DC motor brushes. They ensure great contact and do not wear out so fast. The other part includes generating images. The surface image was divided in to 64 slices by 24 pixels. And first images obviously were globe, but Darth Veider’s Death star beats all expectations.

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