Porting ITDB02 LCD shield library to ChipKIT

ChipKIT is a great board that may replace Arduino. It offers better performance and 32-bit architecture. It has an Arduino form factor with even more additional I/O pins and features. Circuitgeek have ported some code designed for Arduino to ChipKIT.

Considering that there are specially designed shields for Chipkit and working libraries ITDB02 shield can be also used with a bit code modifications. As arduino compatible pins on ChipKIT has a different mapping there had to be function helper written that puts data byte to right pins. Also he had to get rid off PROGMEM functions as images and fonts are stored in SRAM. Touch screen library seemed to work without modifications. If you already have ITDB02 shield and don’t want to purchase another for ChipKIT you may consider using this library with a bit of loos of performance.

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