Portable Notetaker – The Genuine Device for Blinds

Some people always blamed and complained how bad their job or life is. However, they didn’t realize that they’re a very lucky person, at least they didn’t born as a blind!

Go figure, once you’re closing up your eyes for a second or minute, can you see anything else in front of you? Yeah, it’s impossible to view anything, except the all black and dark world. So, what’s the feeling, if a person was born as a blind? Isn’t it really hard and challenging to live the life as a blind person?

Well, most of the blind people have no choice, but to emboss Braille dots on paper with slate and stylus. The blind people read by moving their fingers through the Braille dots from the side to side. Honestly, it’s one of the best method for the blind people to read, due to its low-cost and low-tech.

Portable Notetaker

However, the Braille dots have its own disadvantages. First of all, it takes longer time and larger space to write. Hand can get tired quickly, as the readers have to using force pressing stylus. Furthermore, it’s not convenient for transferring or copying the Braille dots!

With the invention of portable notetaker, it can easily solve up the above problems. The Pocket-sized portable notetaker enables blind people to enter notes via Braille m-touch keypad, either to process, store words or to output result in audio format via speech synthesizer.

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