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Portable chess

The portable chess which is named as PIC Blitz is tiny, low-power, ultra-cost device that plays chess at a blazingly fast speed. It’s build upon a PIC16F series of controller, which just features a 3.5KB of flash memory and only 224bytes of RAM. The portable chess knows all the chess moves in almost all situations and a variable search depth which will depend upon the time availability. As mentioned, the microcontroller used is PIC 16F which is overclocked to use 20MHz of crystal and also uses five buttons with pull-ups connected to it.


Next comes, the display which is 96×68 monochrome based LCD build upon a STE2007 controller  which was available as a spare part of old NOKIA 1207 series of mobile phones. The circuit can be built on a printed-circuit board which is approximately 50×50 mm square. Control is via five pushbuttons, four of which (‘up’, ‘down’, ‘left’ and ‘right’) are normally used to provide cursor movement and one (‘OK’) confirms an entry. A five-way tactile switch or a digital joystick with a fire button could be used instead.

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