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Portable and Fashionable Makerbot Watch

Have you ever thought of a portable arduino environment that you can carry with you anywhere you go, and still rely on it to tell you the time? Makerbot has come up with an amazing piece of technology that is a makerbot watch. The watch has got 12 LEDs which are used to mark the hours. It also features an LED at each of the 12 five minute points. There are four minutes that are excluded, but there are other four LEDs included in the Makerbot watch. The LCD will light up to show what time it is.

The Makerbot watch has an amazing array of specs that make it possible for it to work. For instance, it has an atmega328 chip that contains an Arduino bootloader. The header used for bootloading has 6 pins, as is the case with the header used for programming. The bootloading header has 4 I/O pins, power as well as ground. Other features include a 16 MHz crystal and a Piezzo buzzer to alert you of the time. The watch also has switches that work with three pushbuttons. There is another header that has 4 extensions and it is used as a plug in for shields, sensors and other things that are necessary for the watch to work.

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