POP3 Email Checker Based on an Arduino

In the past few decades, the snail mails are regarding as the most popular communication method. Honestly, most of the people got some new pen pals, thanks to the standard mails.

However, time flies by and the technology is already advanced onto another higher level. Nowadays, the snail mails are no longer popular as before. Instead, the Email service is becoming a new favor, especially for the younger generation.

So, if you’re one of those who always using POP3 Emails, then you should build a better Arduino POP3 Email Checker!

To be honest, this is not a completed task at all, as you only have to combine the Arduino with POP3 Email Checker. It’s probably the best device, especially for those who wants to use the Arduino to check the email and give some sort of visual indication of how many emails that you’ve received daily.

For the amateur home hobbyist, the Arduino code could be a little bit tricky, as you have to get the timing right and the number of emails out of the return string. However, you can easily solve up the problem by using the String library.

Well, we should better cut the craps and start working on the POP3 Email Checker right now. Hope you’ll love this project!

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