Polyphemus – The Colorful AVR Butterfly!

You have a deep crush on everything that related with AVR? Then, this colorful AVR Butterfly will keep you busy for a while…

By the way, for those that have no ideas what the AVR Butterfly is, it actually a self-contained with battery-powered demonstration board running the ATMEL AVR ATmega169 microcontroller. Normally, the board will be included those components, such as:

  1. A liquid crystal display,
  2. Speaker,
  3. Serial port,
  4. Real-time clock,
  5. Internal flash memory, and
  6. Sensors for temperature and voltage!

Although most of the AVR Butterfly that available on the market are good and easy-to-use, but the designation is quite boring and almost the same! For this reason, you might want to build a unique “Polyphemus” AVR Butterfly, where “Polyphemus” is the name of the gorgeous giant silk moth with large and colorful eyespots on its hind wings!


As you can see on the above figure, the “Polyphemus” AVR Butterfly is a colorful component. You only have to use a 3.7 battery to power Polyphemus and there’s no additional power regulators that required for this AVR Butterfly. And, you don’t need to put any DC-DC boost converter onto it for powering the Freeduino and white LED as well!

In overall, this is a great and easy to operate AVR Butterfly, where you’re going to love it.

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