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Pocket size AVR logic analyzer with Nokia 5110 LCD

Vasilis Serasidis has been treating us with a bunch of cool projects. So here is another one worth attention. This time He’s built a four channel logic analyzer based on AVR Atmega8 microcontroller. He wanted it to be small and simple so everyone could replicate with no significant effort.

As output device he has chosen Nokia 5110 graphical LCD where all four channels are nicely seen with some timing grid. Logical analyzer is capable of capturing signals up to 400kHz with amplitudes up to 5V. Initial MCU storage allows buffering from 3.7ms (high speed signals) to 36s (low speed signals) signal that can be viewed, zoomed with one of three push buttons. Board size is 55×65 mm. This is really handy device to have in your backpack

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