PlayPIC: A PIC16F84A based trainer to play with

When we were still kids (not so long ago for me) we were trained to walk using wheeled walking aids, when we started preschool we have those plastic template for us to trace drawings. Well in the world of electronics and microcontrollers the case is similar – they don’t give you something an electronic aid or something instead they have things called trainers – these stuff is where you could practice both your electronics and programming skills keeping you tuned for the challenging project that awaits!

This simple project aims just to give you the practice that you need. Based on the popular PIC16F84A microcontroller it’s jam-packed with the input and output options to hone your microcontroller programming. It has eight single Leds, a seven segment display, five push buttons and something that every project should have – LCD! It takes the beginner to a step further into the world of microcontrollers. One of the most important features of PlayPIC is that it has an in-circuit-programming header which means you could reprogram the microcontroller without unplugging it out of the socket.

They say never mix playing with studying – its time to add an exception with PlayPIC.

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