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PIC32 based TFT display board

Color TFT displays bring quite some value to embedded projects. First of all the information can be presented in graphical form and second most – it can be represented with colors. This is why more and more hobbyists like to use them. But once you step into this area you face lots of small problems that may cause some effort to accomplish. First of all, TFT displays come with small pitch film wires and connectors. Second, controlling LCDs may take time. Luckily there are many libraries written to get started with. Herpderp decided to try ILI9320 controller based TFT display. So he built a PIC32 based development board that connects 2.8′ TFT LCD with touch screen.

At first he wanted to use one of existing libraries, but found that they are to complex for simple tasks. They tend to be more general and try to cover several controllers and so on. He redraw the library with things he needed and simplified it in to two main parts – drawing functions and basic GUI. From the looks of it software is pretty responsive and professionally looking.


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