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PIC32 based GSM car alarm system

No matter what security system is in your car you can’t feel secure – especially if your vehicle is expensive or unique. Standard alarm systems are well known and easily crackable by persons of interest. If you look for more protection – custom alarm system may be great addition to current. In following project there is a bunch of technologies used.

It is based on PIC32 microcontroller that interfaces a GPS module that tells CAR position at any given time, also it is able to send and accept SMS messages with system status. System can take pictures with on-board camera and send it via GPRS. And lastly car movement can be monitored with PC software (data is sent with same GPRS). While GPS, GSM and other high tech toys get cheaper due time – why not add these to your current security solution…

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  1. whats the cost of this set up thank you.

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