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PIC18F4550 USB prototyping board

PIC18F4550 microcontroller has USB module built in. This allows using USB interface without additional interface chips and drivers. Evan has developed pretty simple PIC18F4550 prototyping board which is capable to download software via USB without need of other external programmer adapter.



Board can easily be adapted for various PIC USB interfacing projects such as HID or virtual COM port applications. PIC board is quite compact, but it has all pins available for interfacing. You may also want to grab a PIC USB Bootloader in order to test USB run.[via]

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  1. hi
    the link of “http://eegeek.net/random_serve/18F4550protohackaday.zip” damaged and i can not download that.

    best regards

  2. Link seems to be working – just checked.

  3. Heya there,

    so does the computer automatically detect the usb? one of my friends tried making the interface but it computer can’t read it. Any idea why?


  4. Hi, i have a PIC18F4550 bluetooth module ericsson ROK101008,My question is how to do the interfacing? take in concederation that the Bluetooth module output has a UART port,so how the UART can be connected to PIC18F4550 input?

    If so,what the firmware can be?

    thanks so much

  5. Hello
    I’m student in engineering in last year of training and I am spirit to work on a project of end of study. The project on which I work consist one to develop an application out of C which will be implemented on an electronic chart based on a microcontrolor 18F87J60. And as you know that you have a kit of development for use of chart mini SD its reference is MICROCHIP – AC164122 – BOARD, PICTAIL, SD/MMC CARD Thus I contact you to know Is what this kind of application can be established on a microcontrolor 18F87J90 So yes which are the files to be modified (knowing that I already modified the HardwareProfile.h file) Is
    I request d’ from you to approve expression of my best greetings.

  6. great job it’s seem to be very powerful

  7. Hi, I am nikkita an engineering student. My friends are planning to do this project for pic18f microcontroller. But i am not sure of the complexities while making this project. I have some doubts. Will the 5v drawn from the USb interface board will effect the dimming of the leds if we add more number of leds? My friends told me that if we add more load across the leds then the 5v input will not be enough and then it will cause the board to get disconnectd again and again.

    I also found the a similar coding for this same project but not sure if its worth. Please help


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