PIC Microcontroller Based Wind Gauge

If you’re living in a place that have a lot of natural wind, no matter it’s breeze or strong winds, you might want to know about the speed of a wind. In this case, there’s nothing better than create your very own PIC Microcontroller based Wind Gauge!

The main objective of this wind gauge is to measure the wind’s speed. It has a hemispherical window cup that rotated and the method of measuring wind velocity at that number of rotation is used. After that, the measured number of rotations sent to a personal computer with a USB interface, where the wind velocity will be displayed on the computer’s screen!


For your information, the serial interface is being used for the interface of USBN9604 and PIC of the USB driver. Beside that, the USBN9604 is included with the parallel interface in addition to serial interface. By the way, the serial interface with few signal wires is used, as the high-speed transmission is unnecessary.

The main reason why USBN9604 can be used as a USB driver, because this IC supports USN version 1.0 and 1.1. Honestly, the version 1.0 is more than enough for this project.

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  1. Hello,
    I am working on a project of interfacing a wind sped sensor to PIC. I am new to this interface . Please guide me how should I start?
    My wind speed sensor gives me pulse of frequecy of 167Hz for 10 MPS

    Thanks you in advance

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