PIC LCD backpack for HD44780 scree

Liquid Crystal Displays or LCDs as we commonly call then are now very prominent in project making – it dominated the field of numerical indicators surpassing the vintage Nixies and the ever famous seven segment displays – this module from dangerousprototypes will never reach production, since the HD44780 is already rarely used. It’s a very convenient way of practicing LCD communications and it’s also a very nifty gadget to have around – if your planning to have an optional display that can be accessed through USB then this baby is up for the task.

The circuit is composed of a PIC18F2550 which takes care of the serial communications – it communicates through the USB line in the PIC18F2550. You might say that this LCD back pack is just similar to the serial LCDs available in the market – yeah they are similar but this guy is packed with a little more making it beyond your ordinary serial LCD. It has a 500mA fuse – what for? For protection of course it also comes with on board potentiometers to control the contrast of the display. And the thing that makes this more fun to use – Its firmware is USB upgradable! You can add more on it as the PIC18F2550 can handle.

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