Phoenard is a great helper for Arduino beginners and pros

When you are just starting to learn electronics or program microcontrollers it is great to have a friend who knows how to do it properly. But hardly everyone can have such babysitter near by so you go to internet and try to surf for best tutorial that would be easy to follow. But Assen – the creator of Phoenard project thought that learning can be really fun with right tools. So he created a cool Arduino compatible gadget that can be used as hand-held gadget for learning prototyping.

The gadget is stuffed with lots of features controlled by Atmega2560 microcontroller (Arduino Mega). There is a large color display with touch screen so user could easily interact with programs. Phoenard is intended to have two major purposes – first of all to serve as prototyping platform, where it can be used to build circuits by following visual and audio instructions and then test it by plugging prototyping board to gadget for testing. Once you’re done with prototyping, then you can use it as everyday portable gadget. It can hold thousands of custom sketches that would do different task – just like aps in smart phone. It has graphical user interface which makes it easy to access programs, modify or even draw an icon. With GSM +GPRS it can be used as phone, with GPS as navigator, linked to other devices with blue-tooth or RF or used as MP3 or MIDI player. There are even more sensors added that we dont even try to mention.

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