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Pet Water Surveillance Sytem

It’s a simple pet water system that senses the amount of water in the pet dish and automatically activate a pump to refill it from a reservoir when it gets low, or send a tweet when the reservoir runs out. It’s built around an Arduino and uses just two sensors. With the help of Arduino Ethernet shield, the user can add tweeting capabilities to it. If the pet bowl doesn’t fill up after a set time in the code, due to an empty reservoir or a sensor failure, it will automatically shut off and post an error tweet, so you can hurry home and top off your pet’s tank.

For me it seems more fun than useful. There are plenty of self-filling bowls that work simply by water tension. However it can be used for watering your plants. You can fill up an upper container and then slowly let the water flow. Talking about the project, the water bowl is filled by a small aquarium pump that sits at the bottom of the reservoir. The reservoir can be any size as long as it lasts a good while but it’s not too bulky.

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