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Path Finder for Visually challenged person

This project was done by students of Cornell University as their final year project. It’s a wearable device to provide aid for the visually impaired. An ultrasonic distance sensor is located on a hat which collects data of the surrounding environment particular the in front of the user. An on-board or rather “on-hat” electronics uses this data to give an audio feedback through stereo headphones. The main objective of the project was to help visually impaired people to move around easily than they would have if they were only using a stick.


The main components used in our design were two sets of  MCUs ,a servo motor (SG90 by TowerPro) and an ultrasonic distance sensor. A readymade PCB board design is already available on the project website, just in case you want to use the project. The design had satisfactory results in terms of the basic goals, it is possible for a person to walk in a room with large objects and smooth surfaces with closed eyes, but a real life application of the device would need much refinement.

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