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Paper-Craft Based Analog Clock

This amazing paper-craft is a Digital/Analog Clock using an Arduino and 28 servos to move digits in and out of the pane, designed by Alvin Aronson, and the instruction by alstroemeria. A seven segment clock was used instead of LED’s. In it the digits moves in and out of the pane, and the shadow created by these digits will allow the user to read the time against the white on white digits.


Another good thing about the project is that all the components required by the project are kit based and hence it eliminates the need for soldering the components. Also, instead of using the Arduino Uno and a motor controller, you can replace it with Arduino Mega which has the power to control 64 servos. However it will add cost to the project if you decide to buy a new one. Apart from electronics components, you will require some basic tools such as paper-cutter, glue gun, dremel and knife. For the construction part you will also need a cardstock, double sided tape, sticky pads and paper clips. Apart from Arduino you will also need a real time clock, to keep track of time apart from a 28 servos.

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