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Parallax Propeller music player

Building MCU based music player is a good exercise for hobbyists today. This time take a look at propeller based MP3 player design. It has everything a decent player has – a regulated power supply (9V battery), buttons, audio amplifier, accelerometer input, LED and SD card reader to read songs out of flash card. As project supposed to be finished in one day – this is pretty raw design with no intention to put it in to enclosure. Anyway it plays wav files as there is no mp3 encoder used. So be sure to pick large capacity SD card for mp3 to wav converted files. There were some intentions for future improvements where accelerometer would be used for basic controls. But for now – not bad for one day project. Continue reading

SmartLCD – interfacing LCDs with fun

Probably you’ve noticed that almost all gadgets are equipped with LCD and in most cases it is graphical. Broken cell phones, cameras, and MP3 players can be great source of high quality LCDs. One problem – these can be hard and time consuming to code and hardware crack. You may need a logic analyzer and tons of patience. to make things easier you can use smart LCD – a great tool that stands between TFT display and your platform – say Arduino. Smart LCD is based on ARM Cortex M0/M3 which provides all necessary graphics LCD interfacing and processing. So commands to LCD can be sent via serial interface. So any serial interface may do the job including your MCU project, USB or any other serial data source. SmartLCD can… Continue reading

Digital pen not only for note taking

The main challenge of LinkInk Digital Pen project was to address most popular shortcomings that were noticed in most digital pens found on market. Besides this you can do lots more with your own digital pen – add more features or expand functionality by reprogram it. So this is a PIC32 digital pen equipped with 3 axis accelerometer, force sensor, Flash storage and microphone. Digital Pen equipped with such bunch sensors is able to track pens 3D position what allows writing on any surface, so later any drawing could be imported to any image software. Integrated microphone allows record audio notes along with digital writing. Pressure sensor enables to make your drawing line width variable. This digital pen is equipped with USB interface – so along with flash memory it… Continue reading

Standalone phone conversation recorder

There are times when you want to record one or another phone conversation so later could listen again. Don’t know if this is necessary to do, but if so, here is a standalone phone conversation recorder project based on PIC microcontroller. Device is powered from USB and actually sends voice data to computer where software compresses audio to MP3 format for compact storing. Device automatically detects when phone is picked up so could start recording automatically and stops recording when phone is hanged. Continue reading

iPhone inspired DIY handheld with touch screen

This project is really amazing as it is buil of an 8 bit AVR microcontroller and has touch LCD. Of cource this one cant beat iPhone as 8 bit processor can’t reach such performance as ARM microcontroller does but its stil fun to be played with. But don’t underestimate the power of this little brother as it has many cool features including 320×240 Lcd with 4 wire resistive touch screen, MP3 player (using ILI9325 chip), USB for PC interfacing and charging, LoPo battery and SD memory card slot. And of cource software does its tricks as there are only 4K of RAM. But still LCD works pretty smooth while scrolling, it also supports 3D graphics and user interface (UI); mouse or keybord suport via USB, movie palyback, sprite engine. Of… Continue reading

The Compact-sized USB Audio Card

Audio card, which is also known as a sound card is a computer expansion card that facilitates the input and output of audio signals to and from a computer under control of computer programs. In most of the case, the typical uses of audio card are including: Music composition, Editing video or audio, Presentation with audio effect, Education, and Entertainment. Normally, audio card is referred as a digital-to-analog converter (DAC). It has the ability to convert record digital data into an analog format. The output signal is connected to an amplifier, headphones or external device using standard interconnects. However, the only downfall of the general audio card is it becomes a hassle to add new PCI audio device to a PC. In this case, the USB Audio Card project is… Continue reading