AVR dot-matrix LED game

This simple game console if we can say so is built under AVR Atmega168. Game display is made of 16×16 dot matrix LED.   Game platform has many variations and upgrades line interfacing to TV, AT keyboard, LCD. Author also provides nice collection of ready to play games for free including “Space Fight” , “Super car” and others. Continue reading

PIC based multifunction waveform generator

Luhan Monat have various hobby circuits mostly based on PIC microcontrollers. One of then that catches the eye is function generator which is capable to generate sine, triangle, saw, burst, sweep and noise signals.   In his design he used PIC16F870 and R2R resistor ladder as DAC output. He stored signals in lookup tables 256x8bits. Running at 20MHz generator is capable to give clean 60kHz (1Hz accuracy) sine-wave adjustable in 1, 25 and 500Hz steps. Because of limited performance he only used three LEDs indicating which waveform is used and another three LEDs for step rate indication. Author includes circuit, source files. Continue reading

Animatronic hawk controlled by PIC MCU

Chris Merck have sent us an animatronic hawk project which was used as a prop for the movie “Lady Hawk”. He have made 7 axis motion: wings, tail, beak, body and 3D head motion. In the video bird looks like real and alive.   For bird control he used Microchip PIC16F627 microcontroller which forms and sends RC signals to hawk servos. Author also provides ASM source code where you can study the hawk control logic. Im just wandering how did he put all 7 servos inside the hawk and kept it look like real. Nice job. Continue reading

Simple digital capacitance meter

ChaN has this simple capacitance meter in its collection as nice experimental toy. Capacitance meter uses integration method.   Device measures capacitor charge time. As there is no ADC in AT90S2313 microcontroller there is and analog comparator functionality used with special technique. After some calibration he managed to get pretty good results. Firmware and circuit are included. Continue reading

AVR web server project

Ulrich Radig interfaced RTL8019AS Ethernet board to Atmega128 via ISA slot and this way implemented simple TCP/IP stack.   During experiments he made several versions of boards including separate network card interfaced to AVR via ISA slot, and single sided board version with RTL8019AS directly to it. Source code is available as open source. Continue reading

Ambitious Joystick interface to PC USB port

Grendel has built USB interface to MS Sidewinder 3D Pro Joystic which works as generic USB HID device and supports full functionality that allows to play most of games with this Joystic.   As interface heart there is AVR Atmega8 microcontroller used where software USB driver interacts with PC. Device doesn’t require specific drivers for WIN 98SE/2000/XP as it acts as generi HID device- just plug and play. He made two board prototypes one tobe mounted to PC case, another external box version. Newest project files are here. Continue reading