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Turn X-Y oscilloscope in to the clock

Seems to be that oscilloscope can be used not for displaying signals only, but it also can also used as generic display. So there was Oscilloscope clock born.   Of course it would be ridiculous to put this scope-clock on you working desktop to show time, but it may serve as nice demo. From technical side this is fully functional clock running on AVR board. Signals are taken by using two 10x probes. Clock refresh rate can reach up to 250Hz. Firmware is written so that it prevents screen from burning-in(screen is automatically repositioned). Board itself has many features including battery backup, RS232 connectivity. It may also be interfaced with external GPS receiver. All files (including design and firmware) are available for download, but why not to buy tested and professional looking kit for only 25$. Continue reading

Build your own LPC210x prototype board

If you need simple LPC210x prototyping system, this project is right for you.     Despite board simplicity it has all peripheral connectivity covered including RS232 interface for easy bootloading flash memory, JTAG and other if needed. There is plenty of space on board for other circuitry, that can be wired directly on prototyping area. So it may serve as learning tool or for complete project. Author provides PCB files so that everyone could build it by himself. Continue reading

Propeller clock project

Bob Blick have built this propeller clock some time ago, but it still serves as an example for other modifications.   A motor spins the “propeller”, and a PIC16F84 microcontroller keeps track of time and changes the pattern on seven LEDs with exact timing to simulate a 7 by 30 array of LEDs. Moving led array makes illusion of flat image. Author provided all necessary material including circuit, PCB, and source code that may help to build it for everyone. Continue reading

DIY MIDI interface for USB

Lutz Lisseck have built a bidirectional UART to Midi interface by using AVR Atmega8 microcontroller.   Interface circuit may work either as RS232 to Midi interface (Us MAX232) or USB to Midi (Use FT232). Data is sent as it is 1 to 1 so to make serial interface as Midi you need to install additional driver on PC which allows to send midi data via it. Author recommends using Roland Serial MIDI Driver for Windows XP / Windows 2000. Continue reading

Ambient light bulb

Mike has been astound by Mathmos aduki so he decided to build one by himself. Lamp is controlled via web interface based on Tuxgraphics project. From software part LED lamps are controlled by using 8 bit timers in PWM mode what allows to have intensity levels from 0 to 255. This is really nice project if you want to make your room more intimate and moody. Author gives very good description about how he was experimenting during development phase. All tools and programs are under the GNU Public Licence so everyone can replicate the project. Continue reading

Various code examples for NXP microcontrollers

IAR Systems community have collected several code examples for NXP LPC2000 microcontroller series. Code snippets allow to adapt to IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM much quicker. Most of code is written for various evaluation kits, but code also may be adapted to any ARM board.   Code collection include examples of IO, LCD, timers, USART, USB, External memory, Interrupts and more. All projects are packed in separate archives for convenient download and use. Continue reading