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AVR logic analyser via USB

Lucas have posted useful project in μlabs. Logical analyser is very handy tool when working with digital electronics. Buying one sometimes may be to expensive and not worth an investment. So why not to build one.   Device sends data via USB to PC where it can be viewed and analysed in convenient window. Device uses external RAM which is used as data buffer – this allows to avoid bottel neck of data transmission due to low internal AVR RAM. Project files and necessary software is available for download. Dont be scared description is in German language. So use any translator available on line. Continue reading

Countdown timer for UV PCB exposure

If you need simple, reliable countdown timer for PCB exposure or even in the kitchen – this project is what you may need. Circuit of this timer is very simple – AVR Attiny2313 microcontroller gets commands from three buttons (Time Up, Time down and Start), displays it on 2x16LCD. You can connect any device to be controlled to relay. After timer counting is over – it gives a sound signal via buzzer. Project schematic and PCB is developed with Eagle CAD software. Firmware is written in Basic language with Bascom. Time to cook. Continue reading

Multipurpose programming tool for microcontrollers

Benedikt Sauter have been working on on USBprog – an open source multipurpose tool which supports AVRISP MKII, ARM7/ARM9 programming, JTAG debugging, simple USB to RS232 conversion or 5 line I/O.   This is interesting concept as you don’t need to worry about adapter firmware. You just need to connect to online firmware pool and update adapters firmware. As project is completely open source you can download schematics and USBprog base firmware and build adapter by yourself, or you can grab preassembled adapter jus for 22 Eur. Works on Windows, Linux and other operation systems. Continue reading

Handy temperature controller

Jesper have built this thermostat to control electric heating element. For this he used Dallas thermal sensor DS1621 which can be read via I2C interface. He used AVR 2313 series MCU for reading sensor data and displaying it on 2 seven segment LED indicators.   Controlling relay toggle point is made easy – Just two buttons UP and DOWN. Pressing both buttons at same time allows to set hysteresis and LED refresh duty cycle. Nice thing that device has power supply converter built int that is ready to be plugged anywhere in you need to control temperature. Circuit and source code is available for download. Continue reading

Control up to 8 devices by sending SMS

Seradiris Vasilis designed SMS control circuit some time ago. It allows to control up to 8 devices through relays. He uses an old Ericsson mobile phone model which is connected to AT90S2313(now Attiny2313).   Circuit is very easy to build as it requires very few components. To activate on of 8 relays you have to send specific SMS message with device number and ON/OFF command. Source code and firmware is available for download. This handy device may be useful in many areas. As author says it may restart Servers, ADSL modems, lock the doors, switch lights or block car engine enywhere without reaching them. Continue reading

HDD mp3 player

This is stand alone mp3 player built from scratch. The Idea was to build MP3 player by using components available world wide.   MP3 player reads FAT32 file system from IDE drive up to 128Gigabytes. It can have from 4 to 32 Megabytes SIMM ram, Information is displayed on large LCD, music reaches the ear through 24-bit DAC. Firmware is open-source and is ready to be flashed. You can build it by yourself as all information is available or you can order fully assembled and tested board just for 150$. Continue reading