Outside thermometer based on Attiny2313

Today modern cars are equipped with outside and inside thermometers. But some older ones are missing this feature. Sometimes it is good to know what temperature is outside while driving. You can stick one of those gadgets on your windshield. But why buy, if you are capable of building a decent thermometer using small micro. Check out this thermometer based on DS18S20. Attiny2313 microcontroller does the reading of temperature value and displays it on LCD.

attiny2313 DS18S20 thermometer

Since thermometer is gonna be used in the car. Special care is taken when designing power supply part. It’s a noisy environment where voltages can spike up to 40V. An LM2574 regulator is used with inductive and cap filtering to get stable 5V supply. Original design was intended to be used in Dacia Duster. Bright LCD nicely fits in free space on panel.

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