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Outdoor robot power system

This one is Great and Practical project. Outdoor robot power system is tended to be a gas engine based small power plant for mobile outdoor robots. It uses a car alternator shafted to Honda mini 4-stroke engine (GX35).

Power plant has some electronics that assures proper power generation:

  • Alternator current/voltage regulator. Regulator allows to control(limit) field current with external resistors and even charge a battery with shut off feature if 14.5V is attained.
  • Throttle controller. This part is based on SX28AC/SS parallax microcontroller which has to relate Engines throttle with output current. This system allows to control engines RPM so that battery weren’t overcharged and optimal power is provided.

Building such system requires some skills including mechanical, electronics and even programming MCU. Just remember this is an outdoor mobile power plant – do not try to use or test it indoors as it provides a CO gas exhaust that is poisonous.

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