Oscilloscopes Redefined

Everyone related to electronics must have used an oscilloscope. What, if you can carry it in your pocket, to where you go? With XPROTOLAB portable, you can carry the oscilloscope in your pocket. The Xprotolab Portable is a small mixed signal oscilloscope with an arbitrary waveform generator and protocol sniffer. It’ a portable version of Xprotolab which is a mixed signal oscilloscope with an arbitrary waveform generator in a DIP module. It measures only 1 x 1.6 inches, and can be mounted directly on a breadboard. The Xprotolab can also be used as a development board for the AVR XMEGA microcontroller.


At first sight it was hard to believe that all of the useful functions that have been crammed into one tiny device!  The device is built around an ATMEGA32A4U and an OLED display and also has four tactile switches. It has a maximum sampling rate of 2MSPS and features 2 analog and 8 digital inputs. The scope is amazingly useful despite its limited resolution and the triggering options. The price is very reasonable and the documentation is excellent.

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