Opening garage door with fingerprint

There are still majority garages that can be opened with regular key. This is probably least secure way of protecting property – especially with standard locks. As you may know, most of standard locks can be picked in a minute. In order to be more safe, better install more secure lock with sophisticated key or go with electronic based system. Joebarteam have shared his instructable, where he built a fingerprint lock system for his garage.

The basics of electronics is built around Arduino micro which reads electronic finger print scanner through serial interface. A bunch of limit switches ensure that closed, opened rood is detected correctly, also there are few fail-safe mechanism implemented that makes system power efficient and even safer. Mechanical lock is moved with stepper motor and seems really well made. Whole electronics is assembled and organized very tidy and looks professional. Everything is put in to enclosures, some of them are standard, other 3D printed. Wiring is placed in to electric pipes. This project is great example how project has to be finished to the final stage.

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