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One simple way to build light follower

You can find many ways to use light tracker. It can be a simple toy that drives around and follows light pattern or complex system like solar panel tracker that follows sun path on sky.

In order to build a simple light follower prototype you only need few common components like Arduino, four LDRs (Light Dependent Resistor) and servomotor.


This set up uses four LDRs to gt light intensity readings. Two sensors are positioned at the bottom and two at the top of platform. You could get away with two LDRs but pairing them give more stable and reliable readings. The algorithm is pretty straight forward. Arduino reads LDR values, calculates averages of pairs and then finds a difference between up and down part. And depending on difference it turns servo motor when it reaches equilibrium. Of course it is not possible to get equal readings so there is some threshold allowed when light source is near to perpendicular position. Project is mounted on to cardboard based enclosure that is great for quick demos.

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