Nove Bit – The Mesmerizing 9 Bit Memory Recorder!

You have a lot of time to kill in this weekend, and you have no idea how you should spend it? Hmm…, if you don’t mind, please check out this cool toy: Nove Bit!

Why it is consider as a cool toy? Ok, Nove Bit has an interactive 3×3 matrix, where is allowing the users to record any sequences of light and save the data as 9 bit memories (That’s why it also known as, “9 bit memory recorder”).


Technically, Nove Bit has created a human to computer interaction by allowing the user to input the memory as 9 bits physically. Here is the biggest and obvious different from the traditional 8 bit computer memory!

Beside that, with only a simple touch on the notion of a personal memory, Nove Bit can be used to record a user’s thoughts in time and replaying them as a pattern of lights.

Normally, the visual memories are stored as 9 bits, which is represented by a serial of corresponding button. Furthermore, this 9 bit memory recorder allows for a visually, even distribution of the memory as a square!

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