Nokia 1100 LCD and PIC Interface – The Best Combination That You Can Think About

Did you have an old Nokia 1100 cell phone that keeps lying in the drawer, but you just don’t know what to do about it? Well, guess what! Is time to show off your creativity by combine the Nokia 1100 LCD with the PIC Interface (Yeah, it sounds like a cool idea, isn’t it?).

Before you starting the project, you have to make sure that your old Nokia 1100 LCD screen is in a good condition (Well, it would be better if the screen did not have any scratches).

First thing first, please apply the Nokia 1100 LCD screen with a PIC, which well written in Microchip C on demand. As you can see, the microcontroller is a PCF8814 and its not the I2C. Although the chip us I2C capable, but the LCD doesn’t use that mode.

In addition, the VDDI input can be used if only the I/O levels are different from the LCD supply voltage itself. The LCD supply voltage is 2.8V, even the VDDI id is in 1.8V.

For this case, the LED driver as per the manual will run with a 4.7ohm resistor at 3.6V.

Oh, you said that you don’t even have a Nokia 1100 cell phone? Easy, just go to the Radio Shack and search for a second hand Nokida 1100. This won’t cost you much.

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  2. tanks for your help

  3. Hellow,
    From where i can get the pcf8814 chip?

  4. you don’t need the chip, thats the controller chip of the LCD

  5. But this one seems to be Nokia 1100 and not 1110.

  6. You are right. Seems there is a mistake on this one.

  7. The Nokia 1110 uses the same chip as Nokia 1100. Attached below is the pin configuration of Nokia 1110.

  8. Tobias Schneider


    can someone tell me the LED configuration of the 1110 backlight? I’m designing a device with a lithium polymer battery and without a step-up the backlight has to work with 3.5V to 3.7V.

    The Nokia 1110 datasheet says that the backlight needs 4.1V. But two green leds in series would need about 4.4V and a white led about 3.5V.

    Does someone know if the display lights up with a 3.5V supply for the backlight? It doesn’t need to be very bright.

    Thanks, Tobias

  9. nokia 1100 lcd interfacing

    i have seen this page
    if good
    but if somebody wants more detailed and well explained example
    visit this link

  10. hi,
    i connected pic16f877a with nokia 1110 lcd as per your connection diagram. But i was not able to switch on my lcd . i checked my connections but there was continuity. can you help me

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