New Raspberry Pi Model B+

Raspberry Pi is a great Linux based development board that found its place in hobby market. It’s cheap, have all features required for small computer to be run and there is quite big ecosystem where you can find tons of tutorials, guides and projects. No matter ho good all boards are, we always love new stuff. So here it is – new version of Raspberry Pi called Model B+.

This update is dedicated to layout improvements and extending some of its current features. So in one hand you may be a little bit disappointed because you will find same processor – BCM2835 running at 700MHz and 512RAM. As for processor this is OK because it’s very well understood and adapted. As for RAM 1GB wouldn’t hurt. But who love using this board for prototyping and building stuff should enjoy following improvements. First of all it got rid of sticking out SD card. Its been replaced with MicroSD socket which stays behind the board. GPIO was extended from 26 to 40 pins. First 26 pins are same as in model B. Additional pins mean more direct interfacing to custom hardware. Another waited feature is two additional USB ports. Total four ports should free us from using USB hubs in order to interface peripherals like keyboard, mouse, WiFi dongle and other. It also got rid of Composite video connection which was incorporated in to Audio jack as fourth pin. Other not so visible features include better audio with less noise, lower power consumption with more efficient power regulator. Form factor also changed a bit. It has rounded corners, mounting holes for future adapters. And most important – price hasn’t changed. It stayed as previous – $35.

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