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New Intel processor based Arduino is on the way

Arduino is getting more and more serious about their platform. With their new partner Intel, a new Arduino – Galileo was created. This is a big leap in performance and versatility. And this is yet programmable from same Arduino IDE. So what is Arduino Galileo?


As we know, the power of any Arduino lies in microcontroller used. In Galileo there is Intel Quark SoC X1000 (large PDF) processor which is a 32-bit Pentium class. Galileo board comes with all standard Arduino I/Os and is shield compatible. But additionally it packs some PC industry periphery. Those are mini-PCI Express slot where modern PC expansion boards can be plugged, then there is an Ethernet 100Mb port, micro SD, RS232, USB host and client ports, 8Mb NOR Flash. Processor comes with 512kB of SRAM, but there is additionally external 256MB of DRAM. The board is announced to be available by November 29.

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  1. Programmable from the same suitable-for-middle-schoolers Arduino IDE? Let’s hope the Arduino team is working on a more sophisticated IDE to support the much more powerful hardware they’re producing.

  2. I think Arduino team is working on another pretty same Arduino IDE. So don’t expect much. It’s only libraries and tools under hood that will make it tick.
    There are always alternatives that may replace Arduino IDE.

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