Neat computer resource usage monitor

If you want constantly to keep an eye on computer resources, then you should consider having resource monitor. Software based are easy to set up, but in order to view the info you need to activate the window. In most cases this isn’t convenient as it requires action every time you want to look. It is better to have all info in front of you what ever you are doing near PC. So Ivan started experiments with various set ups.

First of all he thought to have a tachometer based CPU LED bar. But eventually monitor evolved in to compact and very informative display. And so, resource monitor is driven by PIC32 microcontroller which connects to computer via USB port. It drives RGB 8×8 LED matrix where each column indicates different resource: total CPU, CPU by user, RAM, HDD read/write, HDD space, network upload/download. Ivan put a paper sticker with letters on top of LED matrix that gives instant clue on whats going on. Follow more detail log here.


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