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Multipurpose sensor hub board for data acquisition

Sensor Hub board so called SAK2 (Swiss-Army-Knife 2) board was developed to be flexible data acquisition board which may serve as single dev board or as part of distributed system like wearable platforms. Board can be interfaced with various sensors, serve as chain for data stream applications. It can work as stand alone board if needed.


The board is equipped with 16 bit with 32kB Flash program memory PIC18F452 microcontroller clocked at 40MHz (10MIPS). Other parts on board include: 2.4GHz wireless RF transceiver with 125 channels, Compact Flash card connector, DS1302Z real-time clock with battery backup, a bunch of connectors for I2C, RS232, board to board, programming. All project files including, schematics, firmware, and layout are available for download.

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