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Multimeter hacked with talk module

Talking gadgets may be annoying, but sometimes they can be a big helpers. One situation – blind people. Voice messages can help make electronics useable. Another situation is when you can’t look at display due to complex task you are doing or you are in position when you cannot see it. Either way voice on devices might be useful. MastroGippo had a request to convert multimeter into talking one. He found out that there is no many multimeters on market that talks. Some of them are expensive, while other discontinued. Instead of struggling to find one he started hacking.

He found that simplest and cheapest way is to play prerecorded sounds with Arduino. He stored number waves in to SD card. Another problem is number pronunciation in different languages. Luckily In Italian it sounds like like “hundreds” + “tens” + “ones”. So converting number to sound is easy. Other languages may struggle a bit (eg. France). After number is captured, an Arduino simple SDAudio library takes care of playing it. As housing he used cheep phone speaker that carries all necessary for playing sounds. All is left is to plug to Line-In. The rest you can see in the video.

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