Multilab – The Best Tester in Your Electronic Lab!

Do you need some help or assistance when you’re dealing with the electronic projects? Isn’t it frustrated and annoyed, if you cannot find the proper testing tool, especially you’re in the middle of a project? In this case, all you need here is a multilab, but it would be better, if you can create the multilab by your own hand!


Theoretically, the multilab is a multipurpose lab test instrument. It has fully equipped with these following components, such as:

  • An Arbitrary function generator,
  • A digital pulse generator,
  • A high-resolution DC voltmeter, and
  • A DC reference source.

If you’re suggesting to cut down the cost, then you might want to eliminate the conventional “front panel” and substitute it with a Palm Pilot PDA. In this case, you can keep the whole project’s size becoming even smaller and inexpensive than before.

In addition, the Z8 Encore’s DMA channels are also an ideal component for the ‘arb function’, where is allow the irDA encoder/decoder block to implement the IR link to the Palm Pilot much easier and faster!

By the way, the Palm Pilot application supports both RS-232 and irDA communications links, making the multilab becomes a useful and better tool.

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