MSP430 alarm clock uses LED matrix display

Digital DIY clocks are and will be one of most popular microcontroller projects. And it seems that people never run out of ideas to make it a bit different. Markus built pretty simple digital clock that is driven by MSP430 microcontroller. Two dot matrix LED displays are used to display time and various status information.

Two push buttons allows selecting necessary parameters like time, alarm settings, etc. Some special attention is paid to alarm section. It consists of two components – bright LED and buzzer. As seen from video, at the beginning alarm flashes LED with silent buzzer tick. For some people this is enough to wake up. If this doesn’t work, then alarm starts going crazy with more intense flashing and annoying music played on buzzer. Clock is powered from single LiFePo4 battery which is more than enough to power it for quite long time. Algorithm takes care of saving power with various means starting by turning off LED display after some time.

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