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MPGuino – The Great Open Source Fuel Economy Instrumentation!

If you one of those that crazy about the “Hypermiler”, then this MPGuino is the most suitable tool that can fulfill your needs and desires.

For your information, this MPGuino is actually an open source project, which is based on the arduino platform. It can be used to give you the live fuel efficiency monitoring. After all, the cost for this stuff is relatively cheap, where it only cost you about $50!


Since MPGuino is part of the OpenGauge instrumentation effort, thus it was created to make available efficiency instrumentation of all sorts. MPGuino is a Miles per Gallon gauge for fuel injected vehicles that is based on the arduino platform. The extra circuitry is for monitoring the fuel injectors and the speed sensor in the vehicle.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars buying the fuel economy instrumentation, it’s better to build your own open-source MPGuino. When you trying to use the MPGuino, the first thing you need to do is go ahead and figure out the calibration figures for your car.

For those that haven’t use the MPGuino before, you should keep track of your tank mileage on the MPGuino and then compare it to a standard fill up. You’ll familiar with it after a period of time…

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