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Motorized Curtains with a remote control using an ATmega328

Everything started with a need to indulge laziness – and the wireless remote control was born and from then on everything from televisions, electric fans, air conditioners to door locks came with wireless remote controls. And what’s keeping us from taking the frenzy further? – Nothing!

Attach a DC motor to the curtains (giving it a little muscle), integrate an AtMega328 microcontroller power up with an Arduino bootloader add wireless capability and BOooM! A remote controlled curtain for your hard to reach windows. To isolate the AtMega328 from the large current requirement of the DC motor an L293B H-bridge was used, reverse voltage diodes were used for protection. A TSOP 1738 was used to capture IR signals from a PixelView TV Tuner remote control. A step closer to a fully remote controlled home, what’s next? Remote controlled garage door? – Now that’s something even Bruce Wayne would envy.

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