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Most exciting features of the iPhone X

With the iPhone X recently being released for pre-order (and reviewers), much to a wave of praise, many owners are clamouring to advertise the landmark phones best features; here we take a look at 7 of the best features.

  1. Display

You can’t talk about the iPhone X without first talking about the thing that you spend 99.9% of the time interacting with – and that would be the Super Retina HD 5.8 inch 2436×1125 (458 ppi) display. Apple has more or less pushed the boat out and aligned themselves with the competition by redesigning the bezel. That, along with the Apple True Tone technology, HDR10 and Dolby Vision, the Apple iPhone X deals a mighty blow in the face of competitors.

  1. Animoji

The Animoji feature may seem more like a gimmick than anything, but if you have youngsters who like to use facial masking, then this feature will keep them happy for hours on end. Add to that the potential for game development, the Animoji feature will undoubtedly be a big hit with users. In addition, expect a new wave of lip synching music videos (as one user showed with Bohemian Rhapsody) and karaoke-masked videos on social networks.

  1. Face ID

Apple has done away with the home button and with no room on the front for Touch ID (On account of the huge display), Apple nerds have done away with the feature completely in favour of Face ID. It is claimed that the facial mapping feature maps around 30,000 points to make a true composite of your face.

If you wear glasses, don a fringe, grow stubble, it won’t matter – the phone has the ability to learn new facial features and will only unlock with your eyes open; hence, stopping those pesky other halves from trying to unlock it in your sleep.

  1. Cameras

The iPhone X has an overhauled front and back camera and the proof is in the pudding. The iPhone X has dual 12 megapixel cameras that both utilise optical image stabilisation along with a quad LED-flash. The wide-angle lens has a 28mm focal length with an f 1.8 aperture whilst the telephoto lens is 56mm with an f 2.4 aperture. The image sensors are boasting an ability to capture 83 percent more light and with a crop factor of 7, the iPhone X lenses blow the competition out of the water.

In addition to beautiful looking photographs, the iPhone X has improved video features – with 4k video capability, the iPhone X also has 4K 60fps, Slow-mo 1080p up to 240fps. The videos look crisp and sharp, as well as bright and detailed – this will surely pique the interest of run-and-gun shooters as well as amateur filmmakers.

  1. Processors

The iPhone X has excellent processing power and with the upgraded 64-bit A11 Fusion/Bionic chip giving an estimated 70 percent more processing power, Apple have ensured that this beast of a phone will compete for years to come. Add to that the upgraded graphics, the iPhone X will push the boundaries of mobile gaming and photography. The added processor power is reported to not have any adverse effects on battery life or temps of the phone and if early reports are to be believed, apps load faster and pictures snap quicker.

  1. Battery

Ever since the release of the first Apple iPhone, commentators have continually laid criticisms over Apple’s ability to build a phone that outlasts its competitors. Apple has listened to the market and has pinched Samsung’s most lauded feature – QI wireless charging. Apple deals with this with claims that the 2160 mAh battery will now last an estimated 2 hours more than its predecessor and goes from 0 – 100 percent charge in 2 hours 15 minutes.

  1. Apple Pay Cash

Apple has been flaunting this feature in the face of potential customers but have failed to implement it until IOS 11 – the operating system that comes with the iPhone X out-of-the-box. An easy to use payment system to compete with the many payment platforms on the market – this feature allows you to borrow or pay money over SMS – a great feature for students and sellers alike.

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