Modular microcontroller main board

Well designed microcontroller board may serve multiple purposes. But how to make it suitable to fit any purpose and still be simple enough? Upgrade industries came up with idea of making such board that served for their solar-powered robot. Instead of stuffing all necessary sensors and circuits in to single board they decided to make it modular where whole system is built piece by piece.

As final product there was a BoardX constructed. They made a microcontroller independent platform – so any microcontroller can be attached to it with proper adapter board. This is handy because any MCU fan can use it for its own projects. There can be multiple add-on boards attached if needed. Some of them are AVR-X, FRAM-X, ADC-X, PROTO-X. The idea of BoardX was inspiring so it became Open Source. Take a chance to join community and start building your own projects.

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